CX Challenge

What is CX?

CX stands for Customer Experience, and the CX Challenge™ was developed to help educate companies about the increasing importance of creating great experiences for their customers at each touch point.

Here’s the outcome of poor customer experiences:

  • 91% of customers that have a bad experience won’t willingly do business with you again.
  • 96% of these customers won’t tell businesses about their bad experiences.
    One angry customer leads to 16 negative referrals.
  • For every unresolved bad experience, it takes 12 positive ones to make up for it.

CX Challenge Video Series

The CX Challenge™ video series will invite two B2C businesses with storefronts in unrelated industries to compete on the customer experience they offer, including how customers are greeted, the visual appeal and cleanliness of your business, every interaction they have with employees, the value of the product or service they receive, and whether they will return and recommend you to others. We will use a professional customer survey program to help us accomplish this and provide actionable insights afterwards that you can use to share with your employees and make improvements. Through this, we will identify negative customer touchpoints that could drive them away.

Our goal is strictly to remain positive. We only seek to find and highlight companies that have strong CX, so they can show others how it’s done. We want to celebrate businesses that deliver great experiences, and, through this, educate others about customers and how they can make small changes to improve their own CX.

What Participants Can Expect

Companies competing in a CX Challenge™ can expect to have our team visit them twice. Our first meeting will be to interview the company’s owners and employees about the business. During this time, we will video tape these interviews and the areas where the company interacts with customers. On a separate, unplanned visit, our team will observe and survey customers about their experience with the company. Survey answers are weighted by degree of importance and will be compiled into a final score, which will be shared with participants.


Participation in this challenge is completely free of charge. All business owners have to do is agree to let our team go in to their place of business, interview employees, observe staff/customer interactions and survey customers about their experience.

What Participants Gain

While many businesses lose customers but never learn why, CX Challenge™ participants have an opportunity to truly engage with and learn customer likes and dislikes. They are given the privilege of hearing what’s important and the opportunity to make corrections before they lose customers. Participants  also get free exposure to our channel viewers and those reached through online advertising which may attract new customers to their business. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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