Core Services

CX Advisory

CX advisory iconWe are Customer Experience (CX) experts working with large and small companies to help educate them about the increasing importance of creating great experiences for their customers at each touch point. Our 10-point CX checklist helps businesses quickly identify areas of weakness that may lead to loss of customers.

We also created the CX Challenge™ Video Series to give participants an opportunity to truly engage with and learn about their customers, while mastering the art and science of CX.

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 Strategic Brand Management  

Brand Management icon• Brand Audits and Positioning

• Gap Analysis

• Customer Personas & Experience Mapping


Market Research

analytics (1)• Exploratory/Confirmatory Research

• Interviews, Focus Groups and Surveys/Comment Cards

• Customer Segmentation


Digital Marketing

digital marketing icon

• Website and Social Media Analysis

• Ad Campaign Creation and Management



Content Marketing

content icon• Website/Blog Content

• Video Creation and Marketing

• E-mail marketing


 Competitive Analysis

competitive analysis icon

• Market Competition

• Pricing & Positioning Strategies